Phil Hamilton Wants Tom Petty's Damn The Torpedoes If He's Stuck

Phil Hamilton's latest Red Dirt, Southern rock record, Renegade Rock n Roll, runs the gamut from heartsick love songs to working-man rock anthems. The local's played stages from South Texas to Kansas in recent weeks, celebrating the release of his second album. The video for "You Can Have Me" has been featured on CMT, proving his talent appeals beyond the Red River.

Oh, by the way, his beard is every bit as magnificent as that of David Mayfield, whom we discussed earlier this week. With Hamilton bringing his show to Hat Tricks in Lewisville this Saturday, we asked him to tell us what album he would choose, should he be stranded on a desert island with only the record and his beard to entertain him.

If given only one album to be stranded on a desert island with, which would it be? I would choose the Damn the Torpedoes by Tom Petty

Why that specific album? This album was released in 1979 at the peak of some of the best music ever released. This record in particular had a sound that was so unique, with some of the best rocking tunes, mixed with the best love songs. Great music should always take you back to a specific place every time you listen and this one does just that for me.

What's your favorite song on the record? My favorite songs on the record are "Here Comes My Girl," "Refugee" and "Even the Losers."

When did you first here the record? The first time I heard this record was when I was in the seventh grade and I knew every word. I even wrote a love letter to my girlfriend with the entire lyrics to "Here Comes My Girl."

What does picking that record say about you? I think this record says a lot about me. It shows my passion for great music and my goal to write and bring "timeless" music to the fans. No one did it better than Tom Petty.

Phil Hamilton performs Saturday at Hat Tricks.

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