Photos: Kid Rock Isn't Messing Around at SXSW

Kid Rock doesn't seem to be a huge American Idol fan.

At last night's Jim Beam Live Music Series, hosted by Mr. Rock and flowing with copious Jim Beam and coke's, he ranted against the Fox series-as he's done in the past, according to the Googles.

His anti-Idol rants came in between sets of emerging, Skynyrd/Stevie-Ray-Vaughny talent: Taddy Porter and the more Seger-like Ty Stone.

As ABC News pointed out in their recent piece, Rock was excited for his very-very first SXSW visit. His brief stage-visit didn't exude much enthrallment, but it was certainly an interesting stance from a mainstream rocker. From the audience, Rock looked pretty heavy on the Beam, but his gusto on the subject of why he doesn't let American Idol use his music (there are millions of people in the U.S. who, in fact, don't watch AI) was met with cheers.

See you again next year, Kid?

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