Picnictyme and DJ Sober are Booty Fade: Get Familiar with the Premier of "Styrofoam Cup"

If you've found yourself at Beauty Bar on a Thursday night anytime within the last few months, you are already well aware that there is no one in the city of Dallas who can turn a party up like DJ Sober and Picnictyme can. Though Will Rhoten (aka DJ Sober) has been holding down his weekly party, Big Bang, for two years now -- the experience has only elevated since artist and producer Richard Escobedo (aka Picnictyme) has taken on the role of unofficial host. With one on the decks and the other on the mic, it's almost like the two share a brain.

"He understands when to talk on the mic, how many bars he has before the vocals drop back in, he knows if I'm blending an instrumental and he has time to ask the crowd if they're having a good time and let them know it's so-and-so's birthday," Rhoten says. "Now it's pretty much second nature when he hosts, I know if I cut a certain vocal, he's going to sing along. ... We've kind of got it down." It was only a matter of time before further collaboration between the two took form.

From DJ Sober's work in the hugely popular DJ collective The Party (2006-2009), to Picnictyme's work as producer/emcee in the trailblazing hip hop group PPT (2006-2008), and both of their success working with hometown heroes A.Dd+, the pair have established themselves as creative forces to be reckoned with over the past decade in underground Dallas hip-hop. Now as Booty Fade, they bring together their expertise in DJing and production to create true club bangers.

Since it's debut on SoundCloud 20 days ago, Booty Fade's first single "F#$k Like A Stripper" has racked up almost 3,000 plays. The 808-laced dance track samples Dallas rappers NFL Boyz, Treal Lee & Prince Rick, and M.E. with an infectiously catchy snare build-up. The blogs have lit up. Show inquiries are pouring in. Rappers left and right, big-name & underground, are lining up to make offers for Booty Fade beats. Nearly every working party DJ in the city has worked the single into regular rotation, because in the short time that "F#$k Like A Stripper" has been available online, it's become a widespread local dance floor favorite.

As thrilled as they are by such a well-received debut, what seems to excite Picnic and Sober the most is the chance to do something different.

"There's nothing we want to be stuck in, we want to be able to do what we're feeling, that's the whole reason for the outlet of Booty Fade. ... So it's a way for us to step into a whole other role or take on a new identity of sorts," Rhoten says. "You see like some dudes are rappers but they want to go start a heavy metal band because they like that energy. ... I feel like this a way for us to like, start our heavy metal band. But you know, we want people to shake their booties to it," he states, definitively.

"That's the whole idea!" Picnic adds.

The duo's EP is set to release this spring, and will continue the theme of using Dallas rap samples heavily. Today, they debut their second single, "Styrofoam Cup," right here on DC9 At Night. The twerk tempo bounce track features its title sample from Dorrough and is bound to be heard on dancefloors all over Dallas this weekend. On March 8, Booty Fade brings Houston's Top Notch monthly to Dallas at It'll Do for their first live set. Mark your calendars, this one is not to be missed.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.