Picture Show: Body Art, Skating and Rock at MusInk 2010

MusInk 2010 drew some of the region's finest body artists--it was hosted by Elm Street Tattoo's Oliver Peck--and most dedicated tattoo lovers. (Cover the left half of your face with a scorpion? That's dedication.) It was an occasion to have just the right artist do give you that full-chest safari scene you've been sketching for years--or to cave to peer pressure and walk out a shooting star on your wrist.

From full-service tattoo tables and touch-ups to tattoo-style T-shirts and posters, Fair Park was the place to be this weekend if you love ink. To round out the festival, Musink backed up the tatoo tables with some impressive live acts--Lucero, Shooter Jennings and the Old 97's--for such a small space outside against the train museum.

Kelly nailed the scene on Friday night, where the bill made a pretty fascinating pairing against the rest of the Musink scene. Of course Lucero fit right in too, and the 97's had plenty of the roughest-looking, inked-up and pierced guys singing along.

And then there was Jim Rose, who followed Doug Burr by smashing cinder blocks with a mallet against a guy's crotch.

We've got shots of all those scenes and more, in our slideshow here.

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