Picture Show: Ke$ha Played House of Blues Last Night, We Took Some Photos, Blah Blah Blah.

She'll take on the big stage at Gexa Energy Pavilion (nee Starplex, a million other names) on August 4, but, last night, the unavoidable pop star known as K-E-Dollar Sign-Ha! stopped by the House of Blues in Dallas last night, playing before a jam-packed crowd for a show that sold out "almost immediately," according to the one House of Blues employee we asked.

No surprise there: Ke$ha, who we first met in early 2009 as "that chick singing the hook" on Flo Rida's Dead or Alive-aping "Right Round," has seen each of her six formal single releases since reach the Billboard Top Ten, dating all the way back to her 2009 debut single, "Tik Tok." And, surely, she played all of those songs -- and maybe a few others, too -- during her performance last night.

Photographer Mattie Stafford would probably know for sure; we sent her out to the show to visually capture it in our stead. And, as the above photo shows, it was certainly an exuberant affair. See a few more shots from the night after the jump.

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