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Picture Show: Locals Only! with Soviet and Sealion

Quite the time at the Jack Daniel's Saloon last night at the third installment of our monthly Locals Only! series. Best one yet, even.

No, there was no mechanical bull this time around (our bad), but such added excitement was unnecessary. After all, there was plenty to be found in the late '80s/early '90s indebted sounds of the two bands on the stage.

Sealion and Soviet, two relatively new acts on the local scene, each offered invigorating sets to their giddy audiences-- the former reveling in a dance-punk realm, the latter offering up a more brash, in-your-face angst-filled alt-punk. It was quite the sight, seeing locals actually move around and dance to the music. Even a little heartwarming, too, as Sealion's Hunter Moehring joined Soviet on stage for the last song of the night, sharing vocal duties on that band's "Kids in My Backyard." Sure, things may have ended in controlled chaos -- musicians on the floor, fans flailing about in a moshpit, instruments strewn about everywhere -- but, man, was it fun.

Get a taste of some of the action with a few more photos, posted after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

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Pete Freedman
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