Snoop! Snoop!
Snoop! Snoop!
Eric Garcia

Picture Show: Super Bowl XLV Party Performer Round Up

So, the ice finally thawed.

Honestly, the weekend was looking a little disappointing right around the Prince cancellation, but the warmer weather brought out the big Super Bowl parties on Saturday. Downtown was buzzing. So was Uptown. Hell, so was everything.

Over at the Maxim party in Fair Park, Wyclef Jean performed with Jason Derulo amongst a whole slew of celebrities. Snoop Dogg played the Bud Light Hotel for the Playboy party, and Cee Lo Green was along side spinners Diplo & Ross at the AXE Lounge. Plus, a whole, whole lot more.

Check out our Super Bowl photos of the Playboy and Maxim party in our slideshow section, and make the jump for a few more samples.


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