Picture Show: Texas Guitar Show World Record Attempt

Blame it on the last weekend of the fair, clear skies after weeks of rain, and this down economy, but Saturday's attempt to top 1,800 guitarists strumming to the same tune in the same room came up far short of the record set in Luckenbach this summer.

But Texas Guitar Show organizer Dave Crocker doesn't mind saying their group rendition of "Louie Louie" couldn't complete with the long-standing record: "We didn't try real hard," he says. It'll take a week or more for organizers to review the video and make their final count, but there's no doubt in Crocker's mind they came up short.

"We had 3500 people in the damn building, and couldn't get 1800 of them to play," Crocker says, conceding the record attempt was a late add to the annual showcase of rare and vintage guitars and gear.

With a little more planning and some advance notice, he says there's no reason they can't set a new mark next time around. "Next year, we're gonna make them play," Crocker says. "We're gonna plug in Marshall amps and we're gonna play at a level that nobody can handle until they join in."

Our photographer Rachel Parker was there to document the attempt, and the guitars on display, and you can have a look here in our slideshow.

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