Picture Show: The Most Memorable Fans of 2010

While we're not going to go so far as to nominate a Person of the Year (boo, Zuckerberg, boo), we feel a picture show of the most memorable fans of the year would be appropriate. Thanks to our many photographers in the field at many of the year's best shows, we feel like we've captured a crazy-ass slice of life of what you all (us too, if the camera were pointed at us) look like in the prime of your concert experience.

Again, we don't want to play any bias--but the above photo is our favorite of the year. Photographer Roger Caldwell captured the moment at the Iron Maiden spectacular from this summer, and we still find ourselves coming back to it. What a thing! Of course, we captured more moments we want to share with you--so jump on over to the other side for more.











See the more in our slideshow, The 20 Most Memorable Fans of 2010, and follow DC9 at Night on Twitter and Facebook.

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Nick Rallo
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