Picture Show: The Village Voice Media SXSW Showdown With Wu-Tang and Erykah Badu

A night that began with Austin-Houston locals Ume, whom we last saw at our
St. Patrick's Day Concert, ended with DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown--Erykah Badu--at the Austin Music Hall.

And somewhere after The Strokes ended their outdoor SXSW show, and the fireworks brightened a night-screened Lady Bird Lake, The Wu-Tang Clan performed the jam-packed Village Voice Media SXSW Party. A helluva night.

It was a solidly packed house. Lots of hands throwing up big ol' "Wu's" in the crowd. Our sister paper The Houston Press was, awesomely, liveblogging the whole night--check out their full coverage of the night (with photos) over on Rocks Off.

As Brittany points out, Badu was billed as guest DJ but shared the stage with Wu-Tang for their final songs. DJ Lo Down sounded great, and the place was thumping with bass. So, Pete'll be along soon with a big ol' recap, but in the meantime make the jump for some photos from the night. More to come!

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