Picture Show: Toadies, The Phuss and Sealion at Rockin' Rodeo

These three bands have been rolling around Texas on a mini-tour: They just got in from Beaumont, did last night's show in Denton, spent a couple hours in their own beds, then off to Abilene. The Toadies/Phuss collaboration goes beyond this small tour, as Toadie Vaden Todd Lewis helped produce the Phuss' debut CD.

Josh of The Phuss couldn't say enough about how much they've been learning about being a big boy band by traveling with Toadies, even little details like how to sell their T-shirts more effectively. Must have worked: I came back with a copy of the Phuss album and a Toadies T-shirt. The Phuss ends up back in Fort Worth at Lola's on Saturday, April 7. - Mike Brooks

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