Pinkish Black Gets Love From Pitchfork, Inadvertently Soundtracks The Dallas Twisterfuck of 2012

Just as I pressed play on Pinkish Black's new track, "Bodies in Tow," which debuted on Pitchfork today, we at the Observer were ordered into the stairwell. So the track was just playing over the WFAA coverage I was watching of flying trailers and lightning strikes and darkening skies, creating a feeling of dread that was right on the money. (Side note, though: Can we please stop comparing every band that is a bit dark to The Birthday Party and Suicide?)

I came back and tried to play the track a second time, again over WFAA footage of snapping power lines, listening in that fight-or-flight mode. Then, back to the stairwell.

Finally got to listen to it all the way through on the third try, and all I'm saying is, the Fort Worth duo's self-titled album, out on May 15 via Handmade Birds, is going to be fantastic. Hope everyone out there's safe. Look's like the bridge is still there.

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