Pitchfork "Debuts" Another "New" Track From Preteen Zenith. But Not Really. Well, Maybe.

Over on Pitchfork -- just now -- Preteen Zenith is sharing a stream of a new song. And, yes, finally, it's a new song, not one of those largely confusing teases they'd been sharing, which combined a number of tracks into megamixes of sorts.

Called "Breathe," the song's a rather tender affair, centered around cooing Tim DeLaughter vocals, a guitar and some distortion. Then, oh, around the two-third mark, it breaks out in some Polyphonc Spree-style bombast, and outros with some marching band-style drumming.

Of course, if the song sounds at all familiar, that's because it should: Back in July of '09, when DeLaughter went on a demo-posting, ahem, spree, he posted the song as a free download on his The Fragile Army blog. The download link, of course, is now dead -- darn it! -- but, aside from the Spree bombast and drumming outro, the song's pretty much exactly the same as it once was.

"I did it on a radio shack handheld tape recorder," DeLaughter wrote of the then-demo he penned and recorded while on a trip to New York City. "I had nothing set up to record with yet. So, I just grabbed the easiest tool to get this song down, before I lost the idea. (I do that a lot. Lose songs, cause I have no way of recording at times.) Anyway, it had a half speed adjustment on it. So, I used it. I really like the pixie-ish character feeling, it gives me with these lyrics about [Delaugher's wife] Julie [Doyle]."

So there you go. Oh, and there's this, per the Preteen Zenith website: "The band is preparing to release its first single and video in the next few weeks via Good Records Recordings."

Hey now! Stream "Breathe," which may or may not be said single, after the jump.

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