Playback: The Week (5/16/08 - 5/23/08) In Review

What you might have missed this week as you worried about Ted Kennedy's tumor (which, as Jesse Hughey just pointed out, is a great band name ripe for the taking)...

- We geeked the eff out over Radiohead's live show. - We followed Mount Righteous' journey westward. - We pondered Tomorrowpeople's tomorrow. - We recalled Baboon's yesterday. - We clued you in to the new local booking agent at Club Dada. - We did the "Rack Daddy" with Fat Pimp and Warner Bros. - And we got you a measly one mp3 for download this week...

"Trail of Broken Hearts" -- Chris Rivers

...Sorry 'bout that. We'll pick the pace up next week.

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Oh, and a programming note: I'll be out of town this weekend at my sister's wedding in Chicago, and Chelsea's gonna be all tied up with her own wedding (so congratulate her, huh?), so we'll see you all on Tuesday.

Good Friday's coming up. Then we're out. --Pete Freedman

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