Playback: The Week (5/2/08 - 5/9/08) In Review

What you missed on DC9 this week as you sat around marveling at how much you actually enjoyed Iron Man...

- We told you about Strawberry Fields' move and what it meant for the future of the store's DIY concerts. - We let you know about a certain icon's upcoming tour stop in town. - We told you how to score front row seats to a show from a band that will never, ever, ever play Dallas again. - We clued you into free downloads from Nine Inch Nails and The Offspring and told you about NIN's upcoming tour. - We updated you on Argyle's Footloose situation. - We went to Ghostbar for nostalgia's sake. - We told you how to score a signed copy of Mogwais' Young Team re-issue. - We hit the streets to get your thoughts on What Made Milwaukee Famous. - We broke down what TVT Records' bankruptcy means for some locals. - ...and we said goodbye to our local American Idol contestant.

Oh, and we gave you a crap-load of free mp3s:

Nine Inch Nails -- "Echoplex"
Tomorrowpeople -- "Cruel"
Mom -- "Skipping Stones"
Akkolyte -- "A Generation of Fuckfaces"
Airline -- "Farewell Republica"
The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"
What Made Milwaukee Famous -- "Sultan"

Good Friday's coming up, then we're out. --Pete Feedman

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