Playback: The Week (5/9/08 - 5/16/08) In Review

Playback: The Week (5/9/08 - 5/16/08) In Review

What you missed on DC9 this week as you wondered, "Are they or aren't they?" and collectively dumbed down the entire region...

-We saw The New York Times waaaaaaaaay overestimate the amount of fans UNT football has. -We got all "OMFG" about Lisa Loeb's appearance on Gossip Girl. -We got confirmation that Ozzfest 2008 would be a one-day, one-off fest in Frisco. -We found out the details on the next Toadies release. -We recalled Rhett Miller's barbecue sauce sell-out. -We ambushed Denton with some Japanther. -We found out Tiger Moth's plans to re-open the Darkside. -And we, again, spread the joy of free mp3 downloads:

RTB2 -- "The Spilling Blood Child"
Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- "Moanin' Rag"
Lil Wil -- "My Dougie (Radio Mix)"
Murry Hammond -- "Lost At Sea"
Japanther -- "$100 Cover"
Shibboleth -- "The 1912 Horsey Rebellion"
Tiger Moth -- "You Gotta"
Mount Righteous -- "When The Child Awakes"

We'll have your weekend plans up and ready in a few. --Pete Freedman

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