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Polyphonic Spree Releases "Bullseye," Its First Single in Four Years, As Interactive App

Back in June, we got word that an interactive-app-as-music-video for the Polyphonic Spree's first single in four years, "Bullseye," was en route. And, indeed, said app comes today, the first single on frontman Tim Delaughter's recently relaunched Good Records Recordings label via Louisiana's Moonbot Studios.

It's a charming little app, too, this "interactive character-based narrative video music video," which is currently available for download at $1.99 a pop on iTunes for your iPhone and iPad playing pleasure.

As the Spree's new track plays -- with lyrics such as "We're from the same tree," of course -- the screen follows a seedling in its travels through a world of little Tim Burton-meets-Dr. Seuss characters, all sprung from nature. As the seedling wanders around this world, looking to return to its tree home and meet other seedlings, it passes interactive landscapes that the user can morph slightly, and other plant-like characters that the user can alter.

The whole thing lasts around four minutes and ends with a tree filled with these characters, all of which can be interacted wit, and turned into sort-of fireworks upon being touched. Which is kind of cool except for that you feel like a murderer. Hey, it's just like Grand Theft Auto!

But definitely another creative concept from the people at Good, who maybe know what they're doing after all. Cute, fun stuff. Check out a teaser clip for the app below.

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