Doesn't this look like the patch Mr. Miyaga gave Daniel-san to wear on his gi at the All-Valley Karate Championship? (Nevada Hill)

Poster of the Week: Dust Congress

We always appreciate it when visual artists and musicians collaborate, whether it’s by putting on a big event, holding a concert in a gallery or museum, or complementing live music with interesting visuals. But we don’t want to overlook the smaller ways in which visual artists and musicians work together, or the visual artwork created by the musicians themselves. That’s why we're highlighting show flyers and posters in this weekly feature.

This week's entry was designed for Dust Congress by Nevada Hill, the graphic artist and Zanzibar Snail member featured in this week's North of the Dial column.

Dust Congress begins an eight-day tour of Louisiana, Georgia and Florida today. Here's hoping the band's shows are as beautiful as the poster. --Jesse Hughey

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