Poster of the Week: Home By Hovercraft at Bryan Street Tavern on Sunday Night

Home by Hovercraft is piano-driven indie-pop outfit that, apparently, was once from Dallas, then moved away to Austin (duh) and then Brooklyn (of course) and is now back with a new EP called Seams to promote. They're OK, I guess. But this poster? This poster is pretty freaking awesome.

Created by Red Ranger Ray Guns, which is an honest-to-goodness and amazing steam-punk design company that exists here in Dallas, the poster stands as a schematic design for various would-be flying machines -- which are kind of like hovercrafts, I guess? No matter.

Either way, this sucker's got some serious Mr. Toad's Wild Ride appeal.

Inspired by some science homework brought home by Home by Hovercraft member Shawn Magill's daughter and designed by Red Ranger Ray Guns' Caleb Massey, who is also responsible for the seriously charming Robot Wednesday series. Came out pretty well, too, I'd say.

Great stuff. Good enough to suddenly put a band we'd never heard of, like Home by Hovercraft, onto our radar, that's for sure.

See? Posters do still work!

Think your poster is better? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week? Drop us an email with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Oh, and, when possible, be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!

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