Poster of the Week: The Psychedelic Furs at the Granada Theater on Sunday Night

White space! Crisp imagery! Sharp lettering! Popsicles!

There's a lot to like in this Granada Theater-commissioned design from Aaron Eiland, who has seen our winner's circle before thanks to his work on the Bro Fest 2011 poster.

But the best part? That it's not an over-thought concept. In fact, it's quite simple. It's a popsicle. On a stick. I'm not really sure why there's a stamp on there -- but I don't really care. It's humid outside and I just want a popsicle. And to see the Psychedelic Furs on Sunday night. Because, clearly, the Furs and I have liking popsicles in common.

It's just a simple design. And it sings, proving, once again, that simplicity is always the best way to go.

Disagree? Think your poster is better? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week? Drop us an email with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Oh, and, when possible, be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!

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