Poster of the Week: The Wailers at the Granada Theater on April 6

Poster designer Brian Cvejanovich is no stranger to our winner's circle here at Poster of the Week. He won our honor back in October for a design he made to promote a performance by The Thermals at the Granada Theater.

But this poster? Man, it kind of takes the cake.

It's easy to see where he's going for with this one, combining some anthropological background in his poster a show promoting the upcoming Granada performance from Bob Marley's famed backing band, The Wailers. But it's in the clever use of geographical shapes -- in this case, the African continent being re-appropriated as the mane of a lion -- that he really scores. Sure, it might be a reach -- The Wailers are Jamaican, not African -- but, c'mon, it's still a super cool image.

And, yes, stencils of this design will be available for purchase at Wednesday night's show. Git some.

Think you can top this week's winning design? Want to see one of your designs get honored? Then go ahead and drop us an email with the image right here. Oh, and be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!

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