Poster of the Week: White Denim at the Granada

I know it's only Tuesday, but this poster from Justin Blanks for White Denim's Thursday show reminds me of one of those coming-of-age movies from the '80s where a boy has a mythical, imaginary friend that helps him defeat a bully and learn the value of being himself. Let's ask Mr. Blanks what his inspiration was.

"The whole idea spawned from the fact that White Denim has been described using so many music genres, including dub, punk rock, soul, jazz, psychedelic rock," he says. "Thinking of this made me realize they needed a mascot on this poster. No normal mascot though. A band that can't be pinned down with any one music genre deserves a tripped-out beast the world has never seen. Plus, I just wanted to give the whole poster that epic late-'80s/ early-'90s over the top attitude they seem to portray on and off stage."

Tripped-Out Beast was not the movie I was thinking of, but someone should make it, and cast White Denim. Maybe something along the lines of A Hard Day's Night, but James Franco could direct.

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