Premiere: The Breakfast Machine's Underwater, Sledgehammer-Wielding Music Video for "Getz"

Since winning Best Rock Act at the 2012 Dallas Observer Music Awards, The Breakfast Machine has been in the process of recording their newest album; which will be released in the next couple of months. Until then, they are releasing exclusively here on DC9 at Night a video for their new song "Getz." Meghann Morre, lead singer, took the time to tell us more about the ins and outs of Breakfast Machine and their independent record label, Euphio.

Can you talk about your involvement with Euphio records?

I got started with it pretty recently. The label was originally Chris Mansfield and Patrick Dougherty; both of them created the idea, and this year I picked up doing the whole business side of it. We added Animal Spirits this year, and they should have album out next month

How many bands are on the label and how did they become part of your label?

We have six bands and a couple other retired ones: Animal Spirit, Big Bats, The Breakfast Maching, Captain Mayo and the Phonos, The Dirty Dandies, The Freaky Disco and The Hendersons. They are all local bands and originate from around here. We base ourselves as a family here, so when we bring in a new band to add to our label they become part of the family. We have recorded other bands we haven't added to the label, but we are expanding and will have several more coming soon.

Anything else that you would like to add about the video?

Yes, I have to thank Vince Lance for his incredible to work with our music video, and we can't wait to work with him again. He is so talented. He is from Denver and normally only does hip-hop videos, but has recently decided to branch out with us, and said the other day that this might be his best video yet. He put in so much work, and was a champion when we shot the pool shots. It was freezing cold, but he stuck it out and stayed in the pool all day. He was great to work with, and the video turned out amazing.

Tell me about the history of your band. How did you get started?

It started about three years ago with me and Bass guitarist Brandon Reynolds. Soon after that we added in Ryan Sobczak for a while and had that combo going, then a year ago we added in Zach Mayo and Chris Mansfield, and that 's how we became the formation we are now. Our first album Chris Mansfield isn't on it, but he is on the new one and has played an important role.

What is unique about your band?

Our sound is really unique because each song is almost like a different genre, each of us in the band has different roots, so when we write a song it ends up blending. For a while it was hard to label us, but now we just say we are psychedelic-pop rock

How would you describe your music?

There are a lot of blues and jazz background in the band, and my background specifically is a lot of indie. You wouldn't be able to tell, but a lot of my influence is hip-hop and some of our new music is also influenced by hip hop.

So there are some interesting instruments in your band description such as; sitar, nonsense, spaceship, and milky way sounds. Can you explain what they entail?

Haha yeah that's where the psychedelic sound comes in. Chris Mansfield gets really involved in that, and a lot of what he does is creating interesting sounds to add to our music. Sometimes what he does is insane. Him and Ryan [Sobczak] use a lot of pedals on the pedal boards to create the sounds we display. Brandon [Reynolds] tries to incorporate the sitar whenever he can, and it will definitely be in our next album.

Tell me about your new record. How does it compare to your older stuff, and what makes it different?

Our new record will be a lot better quality, and we have definitely become better writers. We have grown a lot as a band, and bringing in Zach [Mayo] and Chris [Mansfield] is a big part of that. They have brought us so far as a band. We are a lot better at collaborating now, and also a lot of our songs are a lot more complex so it makes it more interesting.

On your site you state that stage performances are an important part of your band, could you go in to some detail about your performances?

Before last year, I struggled with performing. It wasn't that I was nervous I just didn't have as much experience with music performances. That quickly changed last year during a performance where I said "Fuck it, I'm gonna go all out," and now we are known for that. When you come see us we try to put on a show; we want to be entertaining to watch as well as hear.

What are the band's future plans? Any album release performances?

We should be releasing the album in next few months. It's still in the works, but we have a music video being released of our song "Getz," so that can satisfy everyone until the album comes out. We will also be having a release party which should be insane, so get ready for that. We actually do have a showcase for our label coming up on April 14th . It's going to be really cool because all the bands on our label don't often play together and it will be all of us in one whole set; which is really rare to see.

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