Prior To Playing Its Final Area Gig Before The Release Of Its Debut, Maleveller Shares an MP3.

Speaking of Maleveller (kind of): Aside from being the cherry atop the clear choice for local bill of the night tonight, the brooding metal quartet's gig at La Grange tonight comes with a little extra news -- namely, the fact that it's looking like it will be the band's final Dallas date before releasing their long-awaited, much-anticipated full-length debut.

The band, which we once adoringly described as boasting "the groove of Fu Manchu, the thickness of Torche, the atmospherics of Mastodon, and the unpredictable changes of At the Gates," will celebrate the release of their LP on Saturday, August 13, at the Double Wide -- still quite a ways off, unfortunately.

Fortunately, though, the band isn't leaving their fans in the lurch; earlier this week, they posted to their Facebook page a stream of an album cut called "The Endless Run," which the band has been kind enough to turn around and offer to DC9 readers as a free download.

Says frontman Brian Smith of the leak: "We're doing this just so people know we're not making empty promises about releasing a full-length. It's coming together!"

Indeed. And quite well, too, if we may say so. Grab the track after the jump.

Fair warning, though, courtesy of Smith: "Laptop speakers don't exactly do our music justice."


Bonus MP3:

Maleveller -- "The Endless Run"

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