Pterodactyl's All Time Top Five Brooklyn Bands ***Venue Change!***

In this week's paper edition of DC9 at Night, Chris Parker effectively details the sonic evolution of Brooklyn's Pterodactyl. In fact, when describing the splendid craziness that is the band's recently released third album, Spills Out, as "still somewhat woolly with subtle spiky slashes of guitar lingering beneath the surface, but the vocals bring melody to the center of the songs, imbuing them with a pretty, hypnotic allure," Parker simply knocks it out of the park.

These days, so much can be tucked under the perhaps too tidy umbrella of art-rock. But the label certainly applies in the case of Pterodactyl, a band, by the way, that boasts a Dallas-area native in vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Hodges.

While art-rock is certainly en vogue these days, Brooklyn-based bands are even more chic. Seeing as how the band is set to take the stage at Hailey's Rubber Gloves tonight in Denton, we thought we'd catch up with them to find out who their favorite Brooklyn-based bands are. Each of the band members participated in this most hip of surveys.

Pterodactyl's All Time Top Five Brooklyn-Based Bands
(In No Particular Order)

Oneida: This band has always been at the center of our scene. We've known them for over 10 years and they've always been kind, generous and just all-around awesome. Kid Millions, the drummer, also has a band called Man Forever, where he recruits other badass musicians to come play these unique percussion compositions, and it is rad. Matt [Marlin], our drummer, has played in Man Forever, along with Brian from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Allison from Awesome Color.

Marnie Stern: Marnie's not from Brooklyn, technically, because she lives on the Upper East Side, but we think she still counts! Her music sounds so unique and so exciting, and she's such a warm person. Matt directed a music video for her where she plays Rocky Balboa, and it's hilarious! Our bass player, Jesse [Hodges] plays Mick, Rocky's trainer.

Talk Normal: These two ladies are the most badass, noisy art-rockers we know. We practice in the same practice space as them, so we get to hang out on breaks from time to time. I think they're on tour with Wire in the U.K. right now.

PC Worship: The ever evolving stoned age group, led by Justin Frye, is always seemingly at the top of their game. Justin is also a current member of Gary War and a former member of Dan Deacon's Ensemble. PC Worship presents their audience with a distinct vision of hazy NY and they continually blow my mind.

Guardian Alien: Guardian Alien is the improvisational, psychic-sound-dance of Greg Fox who, up until very recently, pummeled the drums for Liturgy. It sounds like music for a native trance-inducing ritual from the outer reaches of the universe. Every show is unique and amazing.

Pterodactyl plays at Hailey's Rubber Gloves in Denton tonight .

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