Put This Is In Your Ear: Ynfynyt Scroll's "Snap It Back"

I've been jamming this new, uh, jam from Ynfynyt Scroll, one of the DJs and producers behind the decks of DFW's Track Meet collective, all morning. You may have heard his Bill Nye remix, in which he chopped up the theme song from Bill Nye the Science Guy, last month.

I got a chance to check out Track Meet's SXSW day show, as well as their 35 Denton You Can't Do That LOL madhouse in the basement of the Lion's Den, where guys dressed (maybe?) like Mario Bros. painted pipes with day-glo slime, in sonic tribute to Canadian variety show You Can't Do That on Television. I fully endorse this early '90s/2012 DJ gang aesthetic. Could a Perfect Strangers party be far behind? Balki had some great zingers to screw and chop.

TM's throwing an Easter party this Saturday, at a loft in Dallas, and pastels are encouraged. There may be resurrections as well. Check out "Snap It Back" for a taste of the rainbow, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for more party details.

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Audra Schroeder
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