Q&A: Denton's Fishboy Knows Where to Get Good Tacos

The quirky men of Fishboy.
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has piqued our interest with its loopy tunes and out-there lyrics ever since the band's Little D

CD release

in 2005. Almost a multimedia experience as opposed to rock band, the four Denton dudes pull off everything from music to comics to videos and a supernatural affection to Buddy Holly. Now, they guys are pimping their 2007 release,

Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll

. Quite possibly the longest title for a local release ever, but don’t quote me on that.

We caught up with Fishboy frontman Eric Michener just before the quartet's show tomorrow night at the Cavern. He took some time out from his lunch break to humor DC-9 with random questions about indie rock, tacos and teething rings.

What is Fishboy all about?

Fishboy is a one-man band turned four-man band that has gone through various forms throughout the years, the current one being the best and most energetic. Essentially, I write some little pop songs in my bedroom and show them to three of my good friends -- who also happen to be amazing musicians. We work on them together and magic is made. This magic is called Fishboy.

Fishboy comes from a nickname after you were dared to swallow a fish from the Dallas World Aquarium. What kind of fish was it?

The delicious kind.

Hey Fishboy! This is a Sade.
Is Fisbhoy the name of the band like Sade or is it just you with band members behind you...like Sade?

It's the name of the band and formerly the name of a solo project. What's a Sade?

Describe your music?

A teething baby rainbow.

After listening to "Taqueria Girl," I started getting hungry and wondered where you recommend getting the best tacos?

Oh wow, if I get this one wrong dentonrockcity.com is going to hang me. I like Casa De Galaviz for breakfast tacos in Denton, but really, the list is never-ending.

What do you want fans to come away with after listening to your CD or seeing you live?

"So that’s what a teething baby rainbow sounds like!"

According to your bio, Fishboy started as a bedroom solo project. Most guys' bedroom solo projects are kept private. Care to elaborate?

Yes, most of the bedroom solo recordings of Fishboy have yet to be heard by more than two people. That’s pretty private, so I guess you can lump me in with the "most guys" crowd.

(Ed. Note: I was saying that most guys’ bedroom solo projects include titillating reading material and a tissue.)

I'm trying to put into perspective your appearance on ChicaGoGo back in 2006. What the hell was that?

ChicaGoGo is a Chicago public access children's dance show. Like [American] Bandstand without a budget. We went on not even knowing we were supposed to lip sync, the knee slapping results (our drummer John is literally playing on his knee) can be seen online.

Will you be my MySpace friend?



Fishboy performs tomorrow night at the Cavern with Peel and The Happy Bullets. Doors open at 9 p.m. -- Rich Lopez

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