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Quebe Sisters Charm Our Socks Off, Invite Everyone To Come See Them Play

How often do we get mail from bands? Often.

How often do we get an actual hand-written letter from a band? Pretty damned rarely.

I remember an inspirational greeting card from witty songstress Laura Palmer around last November and Daniel Folmer has been known to keep us updated on new releases via notebook paper, but two artists does not a lot make.

So the Quebe Sisters Band of Burleson sort of made our collective day when I popped open an envelope and discovered an invitation to cover their show at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Arlington’s Open Door Coffeehouse…in swooping ballpoint. The letter also contained many exclamation points and, coupled with the inherent energy of the group’s music, we kinda felt the contagious excitement.

Since we can’t very well give the old-school “playin’, singin’ and swingin’” Sisters props in print at this point, we may as well say here that, along with winning folks over with actual correspondence, they also churn out some skilled Texas swing, Big Band-era standards and general western fare that couples airtight harmonies with skilled fiddle and guitar parts rivaling the precision of bluegrass greats. A heel-kickin’ good time for $18 at the door tomorrow night, iffin’ you want…and I think you do. --Merritt Martin

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