Radiant*, Salim Nourallah, Winslow Bright, Menkena

With a sound that ranges from indie-pop to Brit-pop (with beautiful soaring melodies thrown in between), Radiant* is one of those local bands that makes you wonder just how much talent it really takes for a Dallas band to blow up on a national level. A few years ago, this Dallas quartet came close: It was on the national stage after winning a nationwide contest to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show from Times Square on New Year's Eve, and an appearance on a popular national talk show like Kimmel's would, you'd think, lead to bigger and better things.

But it just never happened.

Now, in a town full of bands hoping to claw their way to a big-time record deals and national fame, Radiant* seems to be reversing its old get-big-quick scheme, content now to cultivate a loyal local following and do its best to get recognized regionally for its talents. That it seems, is a fight Radiant* can win: If its live show doesn't get you hooked, its albums Sound of Splitting Atoms and We Hope You Win surely will.


Radiant*, Salim Nourallah, Winslow Bright, Menkena

Singer/songwriter/producer Salim Nourallah, a local celebrity in his own right, will share the stage with Radiant*. Fresh-faced singer-songwriter Winslow Bright, who will be releasing her debut disc at this show, and the shoegaze-y Menkena will open this all-local bill.

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