6 Essential DFW Radio Shows

North Texas has four Top 40 pop stations, including one that replaced the legendary Edge late last year. We've also got quite a few country stations, which makes sense. Those can attract wide audiences.

But the terrestrial music radio scene in DFW also includes a handful of stations that foster the weird and experimental. Here are some of the best local shows on the radio dial.

The Good Show, KTCU-FM 88.7
9 a.m. to noon Saturdays
Tom Urquhart and Chris Bellomy started this specialty show on the Texas Christian University campus in 2000. Whether it’s local bands or Elvis Costello, The Good Show remains one of the best places to hear great music you won't hear elsewhere, and the hosts have great chemistry. Their banter is fun to listen to.

The Local Ticket, KTCK-FM 96.7
8-10 p.m. Sundays
Mark Schectman championed local artists on the Edge, walking on the trail that George Gimarc, Alex Luke and Josh Venable paved. Now on The Ticket, Schectman’s Sunday night show has become one of the best places to hear new songs from local artists.

Loud and Local, KEGL 97.1-FM
11 p.m. Sundays
Debbie Sexxton keeps a flame going at The Eagle, which absorbed some of the Edge's playlist when it changed formats. Loud and Local is an hour dedicated to local bands, often skewing toward hard rock. The late Sunday night show gives up-and-coming musicians in Dallas nice exposure.

The Paul Slavens Show, KXT-FM 91.7
8 p.m. Sundays
Paul Slavens likes to advertise how anything goes on his Sunday show. Whether it’s Fishboy, Frank Sinatra, the Velvet Underground or McCoy Tyner, the freeform requests Slavens gets from listeners make his show exciting and unpredictable.

Mansion of Madness, KNON-FM 89.3
Midnight to 4 a.m. Saturdays
Speaking of anything goes, this overnight show hosted by DJ Hieronymous Superfly is an entertaining listen, especially after a long night out. The show runs in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and we're glad community radio station KNON has given it a safe home on the airwaves. Japanoise, psycho-acoustics, Martian invasions, ethnic brass, monsters unleashed and spy jazz are just some of the weirder genres DJ Superfly promises you'll hear.

Sonic Assembly, KUZU-FM 92.9
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays
Denton-based KUZU started broadcasting in July and has quickly become a staple of our radio routine. What makes this station unique is that the DJs are often members of local bands. Sunday night’s Sonic Assembly, hosted by Reid Robinson and Mark Ridlen, is our pick. Their extensive knowledge of music history, especially college rock, makes it an educational listen.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.