Randy Travis is Awake and Communicating, But He'll Need Months of Physical Therapy

Randy Travis' doctors have released a substantial update on the condition of singer, who was hospitalized last Sunday with a heart condition and suffered a stroke on Friday. This evening, cardiac surgeon Michael Mack and pulmonary and critical care specialist Gary Erwin, alongside Travis' fiance Mary Davis, delivered the specifics. You can watch that address above.

There are a few takeaways:

1. Randy Travis is awake and communicative, which given that he suffered a massive stroke is very positive news.

2. According to his doctors, it wasn't the booze that put him where he is now -- it was his family.

3. Assuming nothing changes, he'll be out of the hospital in two to three weeks, and he'll spend several months in physical therapy.

Right now, that's all that matters. Whether or not he'll be able to sing again remains to be seen. But for today, Randy Travis is a lucky man.

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