Rawkfist Do's and Don'ts: Photos

The rawkfist is a beloved go-to for people being asked to pose at rock shows (thanks for that, by the way). But what seems like a simple gesture of appreciation for loud sounds is in fact a minefield of potential misuse.

This week's Uproar Festival, featuring Alice in Chains and Jane's Addiction, at Gexa Energy Pavilion offered plenty of rawkfist opportunities. Photographer Mike Mezeul captured many attempts and fewer successes. Let's examine the evidence.

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Don't forget to tuck that thumb. This is Dallas. There are no beaches anywhere. Do, on the other hand, stick out your tongue.

But don't stick your tongue sideways. Down is the preferred tongue pointing direction. Though we'll forgive your party 'cuz that Dimebag shirt rules.

Don't smile, hippie. Or at the very least, don't hang out with people who execute such perfect rawkfists as your friend. That is textbook.

Do paint your fingernails a dark color.

Don't point your palms outward. Then you're just a Texas fan, and man, that's too mainstream for rock 'n' roll. Also don't forget which fingers you're supposed to use, guy on left. It's pinky and index. Pinky and index.

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No seriously, Headrush apparel street team. You're doing it wrong.

Do live it completely. This man is rawkfist incarnate, and we salute him.

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