RBC Hosts A Fat Wreck Documentary Fundraiser Party Tonight

You might remember the Dallas-based filmmaker who wanted to raise $7,500 for a documentary on Fat Wreck Chords. Well, Shaun Colón wound up raising all of that in 24 hours and he had 35 days to go after that with his Indiegogo campaign. When we spoke to him at the time, Colón said the extra funds would probably go towards "buy[ing] a lot of hookers and cocaine."

That might have been wishful thinking, but he's rewarding his supporters with the next best thing: a free concert-slash-celebration party. And it's happening tonight at RBC in Deep Ellum.

A Fat Wreck (film) Tease and Indiegogo Pitch Video from [open-ended] films on Vimeo.

As people around the world added thousands upon thousands to the campaign, Colón pumped more to the funding of the film as well as creating some new benefits for those who wanted to contribute. Skate decks, posters, a vinyl pressing of a compilation of cover songs, and a hope for a Blu-ray edition of the documentary came up. As of this writing, the funding is at just a little over $27,000. If they can hit 30k, a Blu-ray edition will happen.

Now as the funding deadline looms at midnight tonight, Colón is throwing a free countdown party tonight at the venue formerly named Red Blood Club (now just RBC). The Holophonics, Samuel Caldwell's Revenge (Colón's own band), and Rude King will play, with doors at 8. Giveaways will be done throughout the night.

If you're around and want to see a huge moment for Dallas-based, DIY filmmakers, clear out your schedule tonight and tell the boss you'll be late tomorrow morning.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.