Real Estate, Big Troubles

Psychedelia has roared back into the lexicon of the musical masses in the last couple of years. Whether it's the stoner sounds of The Black Angels or Tame Impala, the more pop and electro-friendly version of MGMT, or the foreboding echoes that emanate from the local True Widow, being chilled out and tuned out is as clued-in as it has been since the acid-drenched Summer of Love.

A band that's extremely hip to the laid-back facets of sonic psychedelics is Real Estate. The Brooklyn-by-way-of-New-Jersey group's recently released Days is every bit as infectious as their self-titled debut from a couple of years ago. The tempo has been lightly picked up on the new record, but don't mistake that for anything resembling a departure from the dreamlike.

Instead, what the uptick in tempo embodies is a tighter, more focused collection that, as a result, glides more effortlessly from one's speakers. Thankfully, producing a swifter set of songs didn't mean leaving out a whimsically astral instrumental ("Kinder Blumen") that serves as a sequel to their debut album's "Atlantic City."

The only real disappointment with the record is that it didn't come with a black-light poster.

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Kelly Dearmore