Record Hop CD Release Party

As South by Southwest approached earlier this month, the folks in Denton-based rock quartet Record Hop faced quite the predicament: Would their soon-to-be-released self-titled album be shipped to them in time to be distributed during the band's showcase? The band was supposed to receive each element of the packaging—discs included—just one day before it was set to head down to Austin.

But just more than a week before that hopeful arrival date, there had been no formal confirmation sent to the band that all would work out OK on their receiving end. A lot was up in the air—enough, at least, for guitarist Scott Porter to offer up a cryptic, fearful "God, I hope so," when we asked him if he thought the band would get their discs on time.

Well, lucky for Record Hop, all worked out. The band played its SXSW showcase with a box full of discs in tow. Now, post-festival, the band is having its formal hometown release party.

With a fuzzy, post-grunge sound backing guitarist Ashley Cromeens' enviable angst-filled vocals, Record Hop's disc may be one of the must-have local discs of the year. And considering that this show at Dan's Silverleaf finds the members of Record Hop playing at what is well-known to be both their favorite drinking hole and their sometime rehearsal space, this concert offers audiences the chance to see a well-practiced band perform in way too comfortable a setting than any band has a right to play. Consider the fourth wall breached for this set.

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Pete Freedman
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