Red Cross benefit with Slick 57, Centro-matic, Deep Blue Something, Happy Jack, [DARYL], Sorta

Dylan Silvers thanked the audience, the performers and Granada owner Mike Schoder about 50 times when playing with [DARYL] and Who cover band Happy Jack, introducing the temporarily reunited Deep Blue Something and guest-guitar-playing with Slick 57. That comes out to something like once for every 100 bucks the Red Cross will receive from the hastily assembled Katrina benefit. "I wish we could have had another week," Silvers said about the slapdash affair, and it must have been a task to round up such a cast at short notice--hell, he even talked DBS' Todd and Toby Pipes into playing "Breakfast at Tiffany's" one more time for the sake of the Red Cross. Band and venue schedules meant the all-star lineup couldn't have happened any other night, but luckily, the limitation didn't affect the performers. Even with a last-minute schedule change, openers Sorta didn't miss a beat and ended their set with a goosebumps-raising version of "I Shall Be Released."

If only the filthy floodwater could be pumped from the Big Easy as quickly and efficiently as the crowd drained out of the Granada after Centro-matic's set, the penultimate of the night. Maybe they thought it was impossible to top another great Centro performance, full of scathing versions of fan favorites like "Fidgeting Wildly." Or maybe they were worn out from [DARYL]'s awesome display of flailing, wildman rock or from singing along to "Baba O'Riley" and "My Generation" (and pretending to know "Doctor, Doctor") while Chris Holt did a jukebox-perfect Pete Townshend imitation in Happy Jack. If the boys in closing act Slick 57 noticed the mass exodus, their set of loud country-punkabilly offered no evidence. "We did it! We benefited!" Slick 57 singer John Pedigo shouted at the end of the set. He had every right to be proud; they did it. And we benefited.

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Jesse Hughey
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