Red Velvet Deception

Chris Flemmons (of the Baptist Generals) and Martin Iles really know how to build solid rock 'n' roll traditions. Each year the two of them help organize both Rock Lottery and a Halloween super show (like this year's Our Band Could Be Your Band) in Denton. Then each Christmas, the Red Velvet Deception holiday show stops by to drop rock 'n' roll presents down your ear-chimneys. This year's lineup includes Spitfire Tumbleweeds, History at Our Disposal, The Night Game and Paul Slavens. In addition, the "halls" of Dan's Silverleaf will be extremely decked. Past RVDs have included a roomful of lighted lawn ornaments and an upside-down (fully-decorated) Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling. Three separate video projections and über-host John Freeman (of The Dutch Treats) should also prove entertaining. Red Velvet Deception sponsors both Toys for Tots and a canned food drive, so while having some spirited fun at Christmas' expense, you've got a great opportunity to knock that seasonal do-good monkey off your back.
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Darci Ratliff