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Report: Week Two of The Shiner Rising Star Contest's Semi-Finals

Shiner Rising Star Update
Love & War in Texas in Grapevine
September 30, 2010

Semi-Final Round, Week Two

As was the case a few weeks ago, we weren't able to sit in as judge for the latest Shiner Rising Star happening--a shame, really.

One of the two best bands from the first round of the entire competition, The Rock Bottom Ramblers from Oklahoma, were going up against the very solid Slow Rollin' Lows of Beaumont.

Seems the Cotton Bowl wasn't the only place set to host a Texas/Oklahoma battle this weekend. Up for grabs, however, was far more than simple, territorial bragging rights: A precious spot in the final round and an even better chance at winning a recording contract with Shiner Records was up for grabs for each of last night's bands.

KHYI 95.3 The Range DJ Brett Dillon, Shiner Records Owner Joshua Jones and Granada Theater public relations guru, Kimberly Loeffler were on hand as the judges. And, ultimately, this week's judges experienced exactly what we experienced the first time we caught the Rock Bottom Ramblers.

Given that The Rock Bottom Ramblers blew the judges away a few short weeks ago in Richardson, during their first round performance, it's little surprise that the rootsy, fiddle-fueled outfit came out victorious this week.

As the final grouping continues to take shape, it's clear that whichever act wins this year's Shiner Rising Star prize will have to simply slay when their turn on the stage comes on that final night.

Last night's victors join Fort Worth's Two Door Ford and Dallas' The Big Benders as the groups that have taken care of their business and look to do so one more time a few weeks from now.

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