Post Malone, 'Donald Trump of Hip-Hop' Was Really Happy To Be Home Thursday Night

With a nickname like the “Donald Trump of hip-hop,” Post Malone has surely lived up to his reputation of achieving an unexpected amount of success. It's a pretty accurate moniker, considering he says some outlandish things but is somehow really successful. But unlike Trump, he's actually good at what he does.

The 22-year-old artist returned to Dallas for a sold-out show at Toyota Music Factory on Thursday, the same day he announced his inaugural Posty Fest on Oct. 28 at Dallas’ Dos Equis Pavilion.

“It feels good to be home, motherfuckers,” Malone said to the 8,000 fans in attendance. “I have never felt so goddamn special.”

Malone has been busy since we saw him in October 2017 at The Bomb Factory. He has since dropped a new album, Beerbongs and Bentleys, and toured with 21 Savage, another rapidly rising rap star. But it is no surprise that he is selling out shows in his hometown. The former Grapevine resident gave a knockout performance Thursday night that was both emotional and entertaining. He introduced almost every song with a brief backstory.

Post Malone, 'Donald Trump of Hip-Hop' Was Really Happy To Be Home Thursday NightEXPAND
Mike Brooks

“This next song is dedicated to the stupid bitch that broke my heart,” Malone said before he lead the crowd in chanting, “Fuck that bitch.” A proper prelude to a heartfelt performance of “I Fall Apart.”

Contrary to his IDGAF attitude, Malone showed off his soft side with two acoustic performances that left female fans screaming, “He’s so hot.”

“Y'all motherfuckers want to hear me play guitar?” Malone said. “When I was 12 years old, my mom bought me a guitar. When I got older, I made a mixed tape and played it for people at Grapevine High School. I am glad you will never hear it. It is absolute shit. Any Mustangs out there?”

While sipping beer and smoking cigarettes onstage, Malone performed hits such as “Candy Paint,” “Paranoid,” “Better Now,” “Psycho” and the song that made him famous, “White Iverson.”

Staying true to his rowdy nature, Malone smashed a guitar onstage while performing “Rockstar.” Malone offered an explanation for the song’s inspiration.

“This song is about checking into a hotel room and breaking everything,” he said.

Malone rounded out the show with a dynamite performance of “Congratulations.”

Post Malone, 'Donald Trump of Hip-Hop' Was Really Happy To Be Home Thursday Night (2)EXPAND
Mike Brooks

“I remember when I was looking for quarters in the console of my friend's car to buy 40s and cigarettes. People called me a one-hit wonder. This is Posty’s way of saying, ‘Live your life. Cause you are the fucking shit.’”

Tickets for Posty Fest start at $75 and are available at livenation.com.

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