R.I.P. No Depression

After 13 years,

No Depression

, the bi-monthly magazine covering alternative country music, has decided to fold. Not only did many local semi-legends such as



Old 97’s


Theater Fire

receive countless mentions throughout the magazine’s history, but even lesser known area talents such as

Collin Herring


Darryl Lee Rush

were covered. In a letter sent out yesterday, editors Peter Blackstock and Grant Alden announced that the May-June issue would be the final publication. “The answer involves not simply the well-documented and industry wide reduction in print advertising, but the precipitous fall of the music industry,” reads the press release. “As a niche publication, we are dependent upon advertisers who have a specific reason to reach our audience.” Eschewing the trend toward briefer articles,

No Depression

always took pride in well-researched, lengthy pieces that featured artists as diverse as Porter Wagner and the Decemberists. There simply was no other publication like

No Depression

, and even though Blackstock and Alden insists that a new and improved Web version will attempt to pick up the slack, the demise of the printed edition is, excuse the horrible pun, depressing. -- Darryl Smyers

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