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Rob Viktum Debuts "Double Cupped Up" From New Mixtape, the Perfect Soundtrack For Your Holiday Party

Dallas' Rob Viktum has made beats for artists like Brother Ali, and is a standing member of 1200 Hobos, as well as Beat Fanatic, a collective of producers that includes Illmind and the celebrated Symbolyc One. Of late, you may know him for keeping your neck bobbing at one of his DJ nights at Slip Inn. I am an admitted fan of his ability to get even the roughest ratchet on the floor, even with a Sade drop in the mix.

He took a little respite from the beat-making game, and if your breath was bated, it's time to exhale. Viktum is back on the scene, partnering with clothing brand Prep St. to bring you his latest collection of beats on a new mixtape, Royalty.

An homage to Southern hip-hop, these laid back beats don't skimp on the slow bass and horns. One of the first leaked tracks, "Showin' Naked Ass," has the good vibes of a car ride with the windows down. I am sure we can expect some freestyling over these tracks soon, but don't sleep on the instrumentals if you have a real trill dinner party on the calendar.


To cop the tape, you'll need to hit Centre on Wednesday, November 21, from 6-8 p.m. Prep St. will be dropping a new Souf hat, draped in purple. Those who go home with the hat go home with Royalty. Simple as that.

The after-party to Wednesday's Prep. St. festivities will be at Viktum's popular classic hip-hop night at Slip Inn. We know you don't have to work on Thursday, so make your hair big and come out.

And as special gift, we've got yet another track from Royalty, "Double Cupped Up," for you to enjoy. Syzurp optional. See Viktum DJ at the Slip Inn every Wednesday and Friday, at the Arcade Bar every other Sunday, and Hacienda on alternate Sundays. Make some plans, sugars.

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