Rob Viktum's New Mixtape, Sex Sells, Is Out Today

Rob Viktum is busy these days. Since we last featured one of his mixtape releases, the "Double Cupped Up" for the Dallas-based Prep Street, he has formed a label and released an excellent mixtape from Kool Quise, all while keeping folks crowded on the dance floors of Dallas from behind his decks.

Low Post Music, Viktum's label, is about getting back to the root of something in music and hip-hop. I will let them share their thesis: "We are a record label with a new perspective on a dying business model. A Record Label with No Politics, No Bullshit, Just Good Music! We will be providing free projects, digital releases, as well as limited edition small runs of physical copies."

He means it about the no bullshit. Viktum is one of my favorite artists in town with whom to wax philosophical, and always topics are drilled down to the essential - is the music good?

In this case, it once again is. At least from my view. If Viktum's "Double Cupped Up" was the perfect soundtrack for a trill dinner party, this is for the encore when your guests leave. His tape, Sex Sells, which drops today, features the same swingy grooves and rhythmic pockets you may recognize from other work but now with a decidedly grown influence. Those are all "big" words for baby-making music.

It won't be too long till we hear some 16s over several of these tracks but they stand on their own if you are looking for something to underscore your next seduction. Or art-house adult film.

"The Ride Home" is a great place to start. But you will want the whole mix if you are serious about setting the mood. So, are you?

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