Rock Lottery 11

The Rock Lottery concept first came from Good/Bad Art Collective's Benefit and Music Programming Coordinator Chris Weber, and has a simple yet creative premise. Twenty-five hand-picked musicians are organized into five bands through a lottery-based selection, then released to practice at different locations for exactly 12 hours before returning to the venue to perform what they have created in front of an audience. The rules are that each band must create a band name and three to five songs, with a limit of just one cover song. The groups are allocated one drummer per band. Each year the Rock Lottery hand-picks new musicians, and in the past has featured more than 250 people from some of the area's most acclaimed acts, including The Baptist Generals, Brave Combo, Centro-matic, The Polyphonic Spree and The Toadies. This year's batch of musicians are as follows: Aaron White, Chris Welch, Daniel Zeigler, David Saylor, Ginny Mac, James Washington, Jeremy Buller, Justin Gray, Mike Forbes, Paddy Flynn, Rachel Yoder, Ryan Becker, Bill Dodds, Cody Garcia, Darcy Neal, Doug Burr, Issac Hoskins, Jeff Barnard, Judson Valdez, McKenzie Smith, Nicole Estill, Petra Kelly, Rob Buttrum, Taylor Kimbrough and Tex Bosley.

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Rachel Watts
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