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Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios Kicks Off Annual Free Week of Shows Tonight

Over the years, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios' annual Free Week, which welcomes students back to the town's University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University campuses each fall with a spate of free shows, has become something like the Denton music scene's Chanukah.

Really: The public is given a treat for each day of the week. And, in turn, it has become something that area music fans look forward to at the end of every summer.

Arguably, it's also the most important week for the landmark Denton venue, a time when people new to town get a taste of what the music is like around the college town. Michael Briggs of Denton's Gutterth Productions, who'll co-produce with Gloves a free show at the venue on Saturday night featuring Pinkish Black, RTB2 and others, especially believes this to be the case. Better, after all, to introduce the incoming students to the venue sooner than later.

"Rubber Gloves is an important venue," Briggs says with lofty praise. "In my opinion, it's the best venue in the area."

Fittingly, then, this week's plate of free shows is strong and diverse, representing a wide swathe of the type of music that Denton has to offer. Check out the full week of options -- and a pretty awesome poster for the whole affair -- after the jump.

Monday, August 29: Free Week & House of the RG DJs Presents: Singles Going Steady / Whatever Wednesdays / Discipline

Tuesday, August 30: Free Week & Parade of Flesh Presents: Vaz / Pygmy Shrews / Vaults of Zin

Wednesday, August 31: Free Week & Dentoneer Presents: Soviet / Matthew & the Arrogant Sea / Bad Design / Paper Robot

Thursday, September 1: Free Week & Monarchy Co. Presents: Kiwi Sisters / Sextape & Ronnie Heart / Juve / Prism Escape / FUR &Raden

Friday, September 2: Free Week & Meme Gallery Presents: Overrated: the New Denton Zine! / Sundress / On After Dark / Name Droppers / Cozy Hawks

Saturday, September 3: Free Week &Gutterth Live Presents: Pinkish Black / RTB2 / Shiny Around the Edges / The Angelus / New Science Projects

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Rodrigo Diaz