Sallie Ford Gives Us Her Top Five Favorite Female-Fronted Acts

Current Portland-dweller Sallie Ford has come on strong to quite strong this year. While her and her band had built up steam before the end of 2010, the group's New Years Eve show in front of a packed house of almost 8,000 while supporting the Avett Brothers in Asheville, NC (the town Ford grew up in) certainly set the stage for a fruitful 2011.

While revved-up rockabilly is a timeless sound, it can be just plain tired when in the wrong hands. Judging by Ford's debut album Dirty Radio it's clear that the venerable style is in tremendously capable hands.

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside swing by The Kessler Theater tonight as the opening act for Jolie Holland. We thought it would be nifty to have Ford give us her five favorite examples of other female-fronted bands and why they are so highly regarded by her.

Hit the jump and enjoy.

1. Victoria Spivey
I like Spivey because of her sass and dark songs. She's a lesser known blues singer and was underrated for sure.

2. Sharon van Etten
I love this girl cause she is a great singer and songwriter who's doing my favorite modern stuff right now.

3. Heart
I love this band because they're a classic double-fronted female fronted band that's tough, yet feminine.

4. Sea of Bees
This girl is great because she has a unique voice and her album Songs for the Ravens is incredible.

5. Y la Bamba
This band is an awesome fellow local Portland band, fronted by Luz Elena Mendoza. I love her voice and her songs. I was roommates with her a few years back and she is a magical and mysterious character as well.

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