Sam Lao's "Haze": Music Video Premiere

Dallas based Sam Lao continues to build her own momentum after the recent release of her debut EP, West Pantego. For those who already have it on repeat, Haze has was certainly a standout track. Not quite the stoner love letter you may expect based on those warped beats and slowed tempo, "Haze" instead follows Lao's penchant to ditch the drugs and observe the stoners from a different perspective.

Directed by Jeremy Biggers who also directed Lao's impressive debut "Pilgrims," the video is another visually striking pairing of song and mood. Lao, surrounded by the hazy languid visuals from Video DJ Count Backwards, strikes a pose of observation as we watch her inner monologue unfold.

Lao's official offerings thus far have been visually and sonically arresting, reminding me how much I appreciate an artist willing to put on a show. If you have missed out on West Pantego thus far, it's now available on Itunes and worth an attentive listen.

Videos like Lao's get me excited for the live performance of an artist for whom aesthetics are important. Lucky for us, Lao performs this Friday at the upcoming Red Bull Sound Select concert featuring Black Milk, Yung Nation, The Outfit and Blue, The Misfit.

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