Sarah Jaffe, Doug Burr Geek Out On One Another As Southern Living Discovers Denton.

Like The New York Times and Paste magazine before them, it looks like the folks at Southern Living magazine have gone and discovered Denton -- or, as they and everyone else says when first writing about the college town, "maybe the next Austin!"


At least the folks at Southern Living had the good sense to get some actual Denton musicians to describe the town for them, in this case the forever-tied-together-although-not-really indie folksters, Doug Burr and Sarah Jaffe, who shout-out to the magazine a couple of their favorite places (Circa 77, The Abbey Inn).

But what's really interesting is that the magazine also got the artists' take on one another. Says Jaffe of Burr: He sings "like he's got something to tell you." Says Burr of Jaffe: Her "songs live in your head." Adorable.

Check out a pretty crappy scan of the magazine's piece after the jump.

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