Sarah Jaffe Finally Announces Late September Release For The Way Sound Leaves A Room EP

We're kind of pot-committed to writing about Sarah Jaffe's upcoming The Way Sound Leaves a Room EP at this point: We broke the news that it was eventually coming and that it would be called The Way Sound Leaves a Room; we told you that it would see Jaffe experimenting on a wider range of instruments and that it'd perhaps take her music in a more lo-fi, brooding direction; we showed you that new direction and teased that the new EP would be release by fall '10 (which it wasn't); and we've continued to share bits and pieces of the new release and its accompanying promotional materials.

So no surprise here then: Now that Jaffe and her Kirtland Records label have finally gotten around to naming an official date for the new EP, we're gonna share it with you.

After the jump, though. Natch.

The new short-player, Jaffe announced yesterday via Facebook, will be released on September 27. Kind of later than we expected, but, as Jaffe told Mashable (of all places) yesterday, she had a little case of writer's block to contend with, which explains all that a bit. She also revealed to the site that "A Sucker For Your Marketing" was the first song she wrote out of this new batch.

Oh, and she released the song as a free download, too. Grab it here.

But wait! There's more! Check out this video, too. It features some snippets of new songs, as well as some video of both Jaffe and her playing partner, Robert Gomez, talking about the new release and their February performance at the Wyly Theatre, a DVD of which will be released in tandem with the new EP.

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