Sarah Jaffe Offers Up Three Free Song Renditions For Just-Released Daytrotter Session

Surely, you're familiar with Sarah Jaffe at this point, if only through osmosis. Indeed, the young singer-songwriter and her rising reputation have benefited both from the boatload of press and critical adoration she received in 2010 following the release of her full-length debut, Suburban Nature -- a treat Jaffe's only continued to enjoy in 2011.

And, today, like so many other area performers before her (Neon Indian, Baptist Generals, Doug Burr, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Fishboy, Ben Kweller, the Old 97's and others), she's earned the Daytrotter treatment. Daytrotter, you no doubt recall, is an intimate performance session series based out of Illinois that invites touring acts into its studio to record live, and free-to-download, tracks for fans.

No surprise here: It's a pretty great recording.

For her session, Jaffe, backed by her trusty playing partner Robert Gomez, offers up fantastically spare takes on three songs: The new and awesome "A Sucker For Your Marketing," "Two Intangibles Cannot Be Had" from her Even Born Again debut EP and "Clementine," her Suburban Nature calling card of a track. Perfect timing, too, as we assume we're fast-approaching the release of her new EP, the supposedly darker and more raw The Way Sound Leaves A Room, which is due out, still, in "early 2011."

Says Daytrotter scribe Sean Moeller of Jaffe's work: "She lets herself feel the trauma and tragedies all over the table. It doesn't matter if she's stripes or solids, she gets drop-kicked by every scenario."

Did he say drop-kick? OK, then!

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Pete Freedman
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