Sarah Jaffe's Music Is Being Used To Promote Tourism... In Australia?

Sarah Jaffe is a lot of things -- a local darling, a rising star, an endearing songwriter, a quirky personality, a Texan. The list goes on and on and on. But there is one thing she is decidedly not: Australian.

Curious, then, to find out that Jaffe's song "Perfect Plan," off her 2010 full-length debut for Kirtland Records, Suburban Nature, is being used in a just-released ad aimed at promoting tourism in the Australian city of Melbourne -- especially when considering that everythign else used in the ad, from the landmarks shown and the art featured to the actors used and the clothes worn, is proudly Melburnian.

So, um, how then did this come to be? How was her music selected for the ad? We haven't yet heard a response in our attempts to reach the folks behind the "Play Melbourne" campaign, but Kirtland's Tami Thomsen says the placement came about rather easily. The campaign's music supervisor simply reached out to the Dallas-based record label and asked permission.

"He told me a 'radio friend' of his turned him onto Sarah," Thomsen explains.

Well, good for Jaffe, then. Good for Melbourne, too -- it's an incredibly charming ad. Give it a watch after the jump.

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